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Can Coffee Hurt My Smile?

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. More than half of American adults consider a cup of coffee to be a staple in their daily routine. Despite its prevalence, many people do not realize that coffee… - By: Dr. Dham


Why Straighten Crooked Teeth?

Your teeth can become crooked for a number of reasons, including poor oral habits, underlying dental issues, and genetics. If you notice your teeth have gaps, overlap, or appear misaligned, you might feel unhappy about the way that your teeth… - By: Dr. Dham


Can Cavities Reform After Treating Decay?

A majority of people will experience at least one cavity in their lifetime. This means that many individuals have treated this early form of tooth decay with a dental filling that remains in their smiles. Once your dentist treats a… - By: Dr. Dham


Keep Teeth Bright After Whitening Treatment

Over time, you may notice yellowing, staining, or dullness impacting your teeth. Poor oral habits may affect the appearance of your smile. But teeth can become discolored due to factors outside of your control, including aging or medicinal side effects.… - By: Dr. Dham


Advanced Implant Dentistry Expertise in Plantation, FL

Dr. Uttma Dham, a highly qualified dentist practicing with Westside Dental Center in Plantation, FL, recently completed an advanced implant dentistry course in St. Petersburg. The continuum consisted of workshops, lectures, and hands-on training regarding each step of the dental… - By: Dr. Dham


How Will Dental Crowns Help My Smile?

Has your dentist recommended restoration of your tooth with treatment from a dental crown? This ceramic cap covers a tooth and is cemented into place for long-term structural, functional, and aesthetic benefits. You may feel nervous about undergoing a dental… - By: Dr. Dham

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