Is Dental Sedation Right For You?

is sedation dentistry right for me plantation fl Is dental sedation right for you?

At Westside Dental Center, Dr. Uttma Dham and our dental care team understand how dental fear and anxiety can affect a patient’s smile. Many patients avoid routine dental checkups due to dental fear and anxiety. When patients avoid visiting the dentist, they are more likely to develop complex dental concerns, such as tooth decay, gum disease, and dental emergencies.

Dr. Dham and our dental care offer compassionate, patient-centered dental care in our Plantation, FL dental office. Dr. Dham works closely with each patient to understand their dental fear and create an atmosphere where they feel informed, safe, and relaxed throughout their treatment. If you would like to explore your dental sedation options, you can contact Westside Dental Center.

Dental Sedation in Plantation, FL

Dental sedation is an ideal solution for patients with advanced cases of dental fear and anxiety. Dr. Dham will review your medical history, discuss your dental concerns, and perform a full comprehensive exam before recommending an appropriate sedation method. In most cases, patients will remain alert and responsive throughout their treatment. Patients who are under dental sedation will have little to no memory of their procedure. Patients under sedation are carefully monitored throughout their visit to ensure comfort and safety.

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Dr. Dham will perform a full dental exam to determine if dental sedation is right for you. Not all patients are applicable for dental sedation; however, Dr. Dham may explore other suitable options. Westside Dental Center is a full-service dental practice in Plantation, FL. Dr. Dham leads a team of compassionate, understanding staff who are dedicated to helping our patients achieve a healthier smile. If you would like to learn more about our services, please feel free to visit our dental practice. To schedule an appointment, call (954) 251-0640 or request an appointment online.