Restorative Dentistry Plantation, FL

Healthy teeth and gums and stable, comfortable bites are the foundation of enjoying years of beautiful, confident smiles. Missing teeth, receding gum lines, or misshapen and crooked teeth can take a toll on your mouth.

Restorative dentistry helps patients rebuild their teeth through conservative procedures that address their functional oral health concerns. We aim to restore your mouth to full function using the most conservative options before recommending oral surgery.

One Stop Restorative Solutions for Complex Problems

Dr. Uttma Dham is a general dentist in Plantation, FL with specialized training in restorative and implant dentistry. Dr. Dham has completed extensive continuing education courses in implant dentistry and restorative dental procedures.

With over 10 years of clinical experience, Dr. Dham’s skill and natural eye for smile aesthetics make her uniquely qualified to help patients achieve their cosmetic and restorative oral health goals. Westside Dental Center offers a unique dental office experience. Our team is committed to providing compassionate, high-quality dentistry on a personal one-on-one basis.

We strive to provide all necessary treatments under one roof at our Plantation, FL, dental office. Dr. Dham and our highly trained team can handle simple to complex restorative cases for all ages.

Restorative Dentistry in Plantation FL

Restorative Dentistry in Plantation, FL

Westside Dental Center offers a range of restorative services to address missing or damaged teeth. We will address all dental concerns that affect the stability and health of your mouth.

At Westside Dental Center, we tailor all restorative treatment plans to the needs and concerns of each patient. Dr. Dham takes the time to listen and understand your oral issues. We will provide all treatment options available so patients may make informed, confident decisions about their oral health. We will never recommend unnecessary procedures.

Our restorative services restore the function of your mouth and fix any imperfection aesthetically. To learn more about out restorative services continue reading. Our restorative dental services include the following.

Dental Crowns

Protect a tooth after a root canal, or dental filling. This treatment is most commonly used to fill large dental cavities. Crowns are also commonly used as a cap to cover dental implants. They are made of porcelain and color matched to your natural tooth enamel. To learn more about dental crowns, visit Dental Crowns.

Dental Bridges

Bridge the gap between lost teeth to restore full function to your bite. Not replacing lost teeth can cause more harm to your gums and surrounding teeth. Bridges are commonly used to fill the gap between areas where one or more teeth are missing. To learn more about dental bridges, visit Dental Bridges.

Dentures & Partial Dentures

Replace missing teeth with natural restorations. We offer multiple different types of dentures to fit every patients needs. Dentures may be removable or fixed. To learn more about dentures and partials in our office, visit Dentures & Partials.

Dental Implants

Replace damaged teeth with a natural-looking tooth prosthetic. Tooth implants are the gold standard in tooth replacement for good reason. They are durable, long-lasting, and look like your real teeth. We offer single tooth dental implants and All-On-Four. To learn more about your dental implant options, visit Dental Implants.

TMJ Therapy

Address jaw pain, TMJ disorders, and teeth grinding with TMJ Therapy. TMJ can cause pain and discomfort in your daily life. Treating it can help improve your jaw mobility and restore function to speak and chew. To learn more about TMJ and how to treat it, visit TMJ Therapy.

Periodontal Therapy

Alleviate gum disease symptoms and get treated. Gum disease progresses very quickly if it is not treated. It can result in tooth loss and cause other health issues including heart disease. This is why it is crucial to treat gum disease as soon as it appears. To learn more about periodontal treatment, visit Periodontal Therapy.

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Dr. Dham is a highly trained, experienced, and compassionate dentist serving patients of all ages in Plantation, FL, and the surrounding communities. We take a personal and comprehensive approach to dental care, helping patients restore their mouths all under one roof. Westside Dental Center is a modern and welcoming dental office in Plantation, FL.

We invite patients from communities in and around Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, Sunrise, and Davie to visit us at our patient-focused, welcoming dental care practice. To learn how comprehensive, personalized dentistry can help improve your teeth, contact our Plantation dental office at (954) 251-0640 or request a consultation online.