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Do you wake up with headaches, or facial and jaw pain?

If you experience frequent headaches in the morning or have chronic facial and jaw pain, you may be grinding your teeth while you sleep. Teeth grinding, commonly referred to as bruxism, is a habitual habit that many patients may not realize they have.

Bruxism most frequently occurs while the patient is sleeping but may also occur or increase during times of high stress or anxiety. Teeth grinding can lead to complex dental health and functional concerns of the bite and jaw.

Teeth grinding can often go undiagnosed until subsequent dental health concerns begin to develop. If you visit Dr. Uttma Dham regularly, she may be able to spot signs of excessive tooth wear during your routine dental exams.

Patients commonly are unaware they grind their teeth until someone tells them that they do, or until a dentist gives a thorough diagnosis. Patients who grind their teeth commonly develop gum and tooth damage as secondary conditions to bruxism.

These dental health concerns can be caused by habitual teeth grinding:

Woman suffering from jaw pain and bruxism

Stopping Teeth Grinding at the Source

Patients who grind their teeth often suffer for many years with chronic pain or poor oral health. Dr. Dham helps patients treat the underlying causes of their oral health concerns to help build a stable and lasting oral foundation. We treat all patients on an individual basis to undergo thorough bite analysis.

Treatment will vary depending on the secondary dental health concerns patients may be experiencing due to years of chronic bruxism. Dr. Dham will work to restore the health and stability of the gums and teeth through a combination of cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

What is the best way to stop grinding teeth?

The best way to stop teeth grinding is to reduce stress. Patients with high stress levels are the most likely to have bruxism. It may also help for patients to attempt to adjust and stabilize their sleep routine.

What happens if you grind your teeth for too long?

Patients who grind their teeth for extended times may experience tooth fractures and tooth loss. Chronic grinding wears down tooth enamel, which may cause patients to need to replace their entire tooth. It is important to treat and protect against damage if you know that you grind your teeth. Call our Plantation dental office today to schedule a consultation.

Can grinding teeth cause permanent damage?

Teeth grinding can lead to severe damage if you do not fix bruxism issues. Addressing these issues early, before severe damage can occur, can help your dentist recommend the least costly options and save your teeth.

Does grinding teeth cause bone loss?

Bruxism can cause bone loss, cracks, and chips in teeth due to the pressure it adds on the jaw. When your teeth and gums cannot handle the excess pressure it may cause permanent damage to the surface and structure of teeth.

Can teeth grinding cause gum disease?

Pre-existing periodontal disease can progress much faster if you also grind your teeth. It is possible to damage teeth’s supporting tissues by grinding, which may result in further damage to gum tissue, and potentially loose or infected teeth.

What does teeth grinding pain feel like?

Grinding pain feels like a dull ache in the bone or as a sharp pain on a joint. Grinding pain also tends to make jaw muscles feel achy and tight.

Treatment Options for Bruxism

Westside Dental Center offers treatment options to restore your smile from the effects caused by habitual teeth grinding. We often recommend oral sleep appliances for use in treating bruxism.

An oral sleep appliance is similar to a sports mouthguard because it prevents damage to your teeth and gums. The device is discreet and fits snugly in your mouth for optimal comfort and higher compliance rates than over-the-counter options.

The oral sleep appliance readjusts the position of the jaw and prevents the upper and lower jaw from grinding together during sleep. Oral sleep appliances have proven success at preventing bruxism. Many patients report feeling nearly immediate relief from painful symptoms after only a few nights of use.

Restorative Dentistry for the Aftereffects of Teeth Grinding

Bruxism takes a toll on your teeth if you’ve had the issue for a while. Many patients that seek treatment for teeth grinding also look to fix the effects that it leaves on their teeth.

Dr. Dham often provides restorative treatments to fix worn-down teeth, chipped teeth, cracked teeth and other effects. We may recommend dental crowns or porcelain veneers if you have one or two affected teeth. If you have many teeth with issues, we may recommend a complete smile restoration using multiple treatments.

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