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We offer the most affordable dental implants at affordable prices! We also have easy-approved financing for all dental procedures with over an 85% approval rate! Additionally, we offer multiple financing options and work super hard to get maximum reimbursement of your treatment cost from your dental insurance company. We want to make your new charismatic, confident smile affordable for you.

Most people can get a dental implant for as low as $50-$90 monthly.

Evaluating Dental Implants Against Comparable Dental Procedures

Other dental procedures may require repetition, replacement, maintenance, and additional work every few years. Procedures such as temporary teeth, dental bridges, sinus lifts, bone grafting, dentures, and dental crowns,

Unlike other dental restorations, dental implants require planning, at least one minor surgery, and healing time, which requires monitoring, and we can speed up using the best materials. For these reasons, its average cost may be higher as compared to some other dental restoration processes. Still, those restoration options provide temporary relief, and you may have to replace them after some time. However, dental implants provide you with a confident, charismatic smile for a lifetime.

When considering the cost of replacing your missing teeth, reviewing the many significant benefits of dental implants is important. It is also important to mention that the cost of maintenance and replacement that is inevitable with dentures and bridges will add to the total cost. For many, if you delay getting dental implants and then need other procedures later, these costs will exceed the initial cost of dental implants.

To help our patients get an accurate estimate of dental implant prices, Dr. Uttma Dham will thoroughly evaluate your smile and medical history at her Plantation, FL, dental office near you. She has undergone extensive training and completed advanced courses in implant dentistry to offer you the best solution for missing teeth.

The Cost of Dental Implants

The price for your dental implant treatment will vary greatly. That is one reason we offer a completely FREE consultation so that you can get the exact price for your specific implant need. The exact dental implant price depends on many factors:

  • The main factor is how many teeth you are missing. It will cost significantly less to replace a single tooth than an entire mouthful of teeth. A single missing tooth will only require one dental implant, while multiple missing teeth require anywhere from two to eight implants per arch.
  • Dental implants come in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes. The size and type of implant needed for restoration will depend on where the missing teeth are in the mouth. The cost of each implant will vary based on the location, size, and type needed.
  • Some patients may not have enough jaw bone to secure a dental implant. Insufficient bone density will require a bone graft. The cost of bone grafting will impact the overall cost of dental implants.
  • If any of your natural teeth are missing, other nearby teeth may be extracted before placing your implants. Our highly oral surgeon will suggest the best possible treatment options before your implant placement.
  • The type of dental insurance you have may or may not cover portions of your implant treatment. Westside Dental Center’s excellent dental staff is always here to support you during the dental insurance plan process. We always work hard to charge your dental insurance the maximum compensation so you pay the least possible amount out of pocket. However, Dr. Dham is an “in-network” provider with most PPO payment plans.

Paying for Dental Implants Is An Investment Toward Your Future!

Paying for dental implants is like paying to secure good overall health. Investing in your future confident, charismatic smile and boosting your self-confidence is smart. You will look good and feel great knowing that your new charismatic, confident smile will stay with you for a lifetime.

Permanent | Dental implant procedures are long-lasting, and there’s no need to be concerned about their durability.

Health | Opting for dental implants can be a cost-effective decision in the long term. It reduces the risk of serious diseases, infections, and gum diseases requiring further treatments such as scaling, root planing, root canals, and intensive deep cleaning procedures. A dental implant can protect you from other pricier dental, cosmetic, and health issues. Therefore, understanding the cost of dental implants as a long-term investment in yourself is wise.

Appearance | Dental implants effectively serve as an anti-aging method as they can fortify the jaw, preventing it from diminishing and limiting the development of facial lines around your smile.

Happiness | You will feel happy and great and have newfound confidence after knowing your new confident, charismatic smile will stay with you forever.

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