Sedation Dentistry Plantation, FL

Regular dental checkups help keep your teeth strong, your gums healthy, and your smile bright. For patients that suffer from dental anxiety, visiting the dentist can be too stressful. Many patients with fear of the dentist avoid their routine dental health exams and end up developing more complex dental health concerns.

Our entire dental care team is committed to providing a compassionate, non-judgmental environment for all patients. We offer personal, warm, high-quality dental care for children and adult patients.

Dr. Dham and every member of our team take the time to listen to our patient’s dental concerns and work together to understand their goals. Whether you have been away from the dentist for many years, or if you are looking for a new dentist in Plantation FL area, we welcome everyone to Westside Dental Center.

Plantation, FL dentists at Westside Dental Center offer conscious sedation dentistry options to help patients manage their dental anxiety. We offer laughing gas and oral conscious sedation. Dr. Dham works with patients on an individual basis to provide the most suitable type of conscious sedation and ensure their safety during treatment.

Sedation dentistry in Plantation, FL

Sedation Dentistry At Westside Dental Center

Conscious sedation dentistry is a highly effective and safe way to manage dental anxiety. Patients are able to remain alert and responsive while Dr. Dham completes their dental treatments. In many cases, Dr. Dham is able to complete multiple needed procedures in one sitting, saving the patient repeat visits for the same issue.

Conscious sedation dentistry can be used to help patients get through a dental cleaning or may be used for more complex procedures such as the surgical placement of dental implants.

Dr. Dham will discuss conscious sedation options with patients prior to their treatment. Patients will choose a conscious sedation method based on their health, personal concerns, and what type of procedure they are receiving.

  • Oral conscious sedation: this type of conscious sedation will often require an at-home dose prior to your visit to begin the conscious sedation process. Patients will need to be escorted to and from the appointment.
  • Laughing gas: inhaled as an odorless gas, laughing gas takes effect and wears off almost immediately, enabling most patients to drive themselves to and from our office.

Sedation Dentistry FAQs

What can I expect from dental sedation?

Following IV sedation, patients may experience sleepiness; however, this should pass within a few hours. Due to the extremely relaxed state that our patients experience during IV sedation, they may anticipate that some forgetfulness effects will linger after treatment.

Does sedation dentistry put you to sleep?

A dentist will use sedation to help a patient feel more at ease in the dentist chair. The majority of the time, patients are awake and conscious throughout the process. Only general anesthesia will make a patient fall completely asleep.

Can I drink water before sedation dentistry?

For up to six hours prior to their visit, most patients are instructed to abstain from food. This guarantees that the sedative takes its full effect and that the patient won’t feel queasy.  Before the appointment, drinking clear liquids including water is acceptable.

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