Our Technology Plantation, FL

Westside Dental Center is a state of the art dental facility. Our Plantation, FL, dental office is fully digital, providing digital records and x-rays for the convenience of our patients. Dr. Dham is always on the cutting edge of dental technology. Committed to providing modern, high-quality dentistry, Dr. Uttma Dham has attended over 80 hours of advanced education courses.

Digital Dentistry

velscope plantation fl

Oral cancer is a growing health concern. Patients can choose to have a Velscope exam during their routine dental health exam. Velscope is a non invasive device that can see the earliest signs of developing oral cancer before it is visible to the human eye.

itero scanner plantation fl

iTero digital scanners eliminate the need for messy impression trays. Using a small noninvasive handheld device, Dr. Dham can take 3D images of the teeth and gums. Computer software turns the images into 3-D models of the mouth for more comfortable, better fit dental restorations.

Clear Aligners

Invisalign in Plantation FL

Invisalign is a clear aligner alternative to metal braces. Invisalign uses 3D imaging and digital impression to create a series of custom aligners that gradually shift crooked teeth into alignment. Dr. Dham offers Invisalign for teens and adults who need orthodontic treatment and desire a discreet, convenient option.

Laser Dentistry

laser dentistry plantation fl

Dr. Dham uses laser dentistry to address a range of soft tissue oral health concerns. From treating gum disease to reshaping the contour of the gum line, laser therapy can eliminate the need for invasive oral surgery and sutures. Laser therapy reduces swelling, bleeding, and shortens downtimes for patients.