Single Tooth Dental Implants Plantation, FL

Are you having gaps in your smile, and do you feel self-conscious while smiling, talking, or eating in front of anyone? Our highly experienced dentist for implants near you, Dr Dham, can fill those missing gaps in your smile and provide you with newfound confidence.

The loss of a single tooth can begin a cascade of complex dental problems if not replaced promptly. Dr. Uttma Dham is a restorative dentist in Plantation, FL, who can provide the latest treatments for tooth replacement. An implant tooth is the “gold standard” of tooth replacement, offering the most natural function and aesthetics for a stable long-term result.

If you have a missing tooth or need a tooth extraction and replacement, consult with Dr. Dham to discuss and evaluate your needs. We offer free dental implant consultations in Plantation, FL.

How To Recover a Lost Tooth?

Losing a tooth can absolutely cause you to feel insecure about yourself when smiling, eating, or talking. Studies show people with missing teeth have higher depression rates and lose self-confidence. The great news is that we will give you a brand-new, confident, and charismatic smile at our dental office. We offer tooth replacement options by replacing the missing teeth with dental implants, making them look and function exactly like your natural teeth.

How Single Tooth Dental Implants Work

Understanding how single-tooth dental implants work before opting for them as your procedure is important. We have skilled dentists and dental staff who prioritize your dental health and comfort while offering excellent dental implant services. Here are the steps to ensure optimal dental care through a single-tooth dental implant treatment plan.

  1. Visit our dental implant specialist for a free no-commitment consultation. You will meet our highly skilled implant dentist, Dr. Dham. She will take x-rays and photos to create a treatment plan for your unique needs.
  2. The treatment plan will include placing sterile titanium posts to ensure perfect alignment with your surrounding teeth.
  3. The dentist will fuse the titanium post to your bone, creating a secure foundation for screwing in or cementing the new dental crown.
  4. After your jaw has healed from the implant placement, you’ll come to the office to get your crown firmly attached.
  5. That’s it, you now have an incredible new tooth that, with proper cleaning, will last a lifetime!

At Westside Dental Center, we provide everything you need for your dental implant procedure in our office. We provide everything from removable partial dentures to fixed bridges supporting the implant.

With our advanced technology and expert care, get an amazing new smile with a natural-looking dental implant.

The Effects Of Tooth Loss

The change in your appearance is likely your main concern when a tooth is missing. However, it is important to understand the impact of losing just one tooth on your dental health.

Teeth extraction and trauma can damage the tooth root and jaw severely. Tooth loss will cause the bone in that area to decrease and sink in. As a result, the jaw may look different and more sunken over time. This can cause premature facial aging; your face starts looking nonsymmetrical and is prone to many more wrinkles.

In addition, the remaining teeth can shift over time and change the fit and function of your bite. Patients with missing teeth can develop bite problems and are at risk for serious issues like TMJ and TMD, as well as many other diseases and tooth decay.

The best way to avoid dental problems and maintain good oral hygiene is to discuss your tooth replacement needs immediately. Replacing a missing tooth promptly allows you to restore your beautiful smile. It also helps you avoid undergoing additional procedures for gum tissue, bone loss, and bite changes.

Why Choose A Dental Implant?

Our highly experienced dentist, Dr. Dham, recommends dental implants because of their immense benefits and the long-term stability of your smile. When you replace a single tooth, an implant ensures it does not compromise adjacent teeth.

A dental implant means restoring your lost tooth with a prosthetic as close to a natural tooth as possible. It will fit between existing teeth and continue supporting your bite’s natural structure.

The dentist will insert a fake tooth, restoring your natural look. Placing the metal post will give the gums and soft tissues time to heal. Once in place, your new implant will stabilize your bite, jaw bone, and overall oral health. You can enjoy a natural chewing function, confident speech, and a natural-looking smile!

Choose Westside Dental Center for the best single-tooth dental implant procedure and never compromise your dental health again. We believe in offering the best dental procedures at affordable costs. We also have easy-approved financing!

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