Single Tooth Dental Implants Plantation, FL

The loss of a single tooth can begin a cascade of complex dental problems if not replaced in a timely manner. Dr. Uttma Dham is a restorative dentist in Plantation who can provide the latest treatments for tooth replacement. A dental implant is considered the “gold standard” of tooth replacement, offering the most natural function and aesthetics and a stable long term result.

If you have a missing tooth or need a tooth extraction and replacement, the first step is a consultation with Dr. Dham to discuss and evaluate your needs. Just as no two smiles are alike, treatment plans should be tailored to the unique needs of the patient.

single tooth dental implant, plantation fl

The Effects of Tooth Loss

What happens when a tooth is lost? The change in your appearance is likely your main concern when a tooth is missing. However, it is important to understand the impact that the loss of just one tooth can have on your dental health.

Patients can only see the missing crown of the tooth, but when a tooth is extracted or lost due to trauma, the tooth root is also lost. This is an important part of the overall structure of your jaw and your smile. Over time, the loss of the tooth root leads to reduced bone tissue in the area and eventually the jaw may begin to change and appear more drawn or sunken.

In addition, remaining teeth can shift over time and change the fit and function of the bite. Patients with missing teeth can develop bite problems and are also at risk for periodontal disease and decay.

The best way to avoid the development of additional dental problems and maintain the stability of your smile is to discuss your tooth replacement needs right away. Timely tooth replacement can also mean you will have the choice of treatment options and not be in need of pre-treatment procedures to address changes in the gum tissue, bone loss and changes in the bite.

Why Choose A Dental Implant?

Dr. Dham will recommend a dental implant in most cases because of the benefits they can offer for quality of life and the long term stability of your smile. When replacing a single tooth the use of an implant also means that adjacent teeth do not have to be compromised in order to support a bridge or appliance.

A dental implant means restoring your lost tooth with a prosthetic that is as close to a natural tooth as possible. It will fit between existing teeth and continue to support the natural structure of your bite.

A single tooth implant will be placed over a period of several months, allowing time after the surgical placement of the post for the healing of the gums and soft tissues. Once in place your new implant will stabilize your bite, bone in the jaw and your overall oral health. You can enjoy natural chewing function, confident speech and a natural-looking smile.