Dr. Uttma Dham Plantation FL Dentist

Dr. Uttma Dham, DMD: Dentist in Plantation, FL

Dr. Uttma Dham is a dentist in Plantation, FL. She is a graduate of Nova Southeastern University, where she graduated with honors in 2003. Besides following her regular program at the University, she also participated in sealant programs and Special Olympics events. She was awarded the Dean’s Academic Achievement Award.

Dr. Uttma Dham, DMD: Dentist in Plantation, FL
After she completed her Doctor of Dental Medicine Degree, Dr. Dham then went to Dade County Dental Research Center for her residency, acquiring Advanced Education in General Dentistry. The residency involved provision of treatment to patients in the Community Smiles Clinic and Jackson Memorial Hospital, both highly reputable institutions.

Dr. Dham has been practicing for over 10 years and has been taking continuing education courses to keep up with the latest in dentistry. Dr. Dham is a certified Plantation FL dentist, and specializes in providing several dental services, including; Invisalign, Zoom Teeth Whitening, Lumineers, and Snap On Smile.

As part of her continuing education, she’s currently enrolled at Dawson’s Academy of Advanced Dental Education, an institute where she’s boosting her general dentistry skills. She is in the good books of American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Caridad Clinic, and Academy of General Dentistry.

Dr. Dham is a loving wife and mother of two beautiful children. She loves to spend quality time with her children. Her special interests include music and art.