Laser Dentistry Plantation, FL

Dental lasers are modern dental tools that have enhanced dental patients’ experiences. Plantation, Florida dentist Dr. Uttma Dham uses a Fotona Laser to whiten teeth, treat gum disease, remove lesions, shape teeth for fillings, and conduct root canal procedures. Using lasers help our dentists work extremely precisely and can shorten healing times from invasive procedures.

Dental lasers offer multiple benefits over traditional dental surgical methods. Some of these include:

  • Minimally invasive treatment
  • Extremely precise
  • Less bleeding and swelling after your procedure
  • Faster recovery times
  • Laser energy stimulates natural healing and reduces the risk of infection

Dental lasers also eliminate the need for dental drills, needles, or anesthetics and provide consistent, precise results. They have changed modern dentistry with their ability to perform invasive procedures with a sped-up recovery time.

Laser Dentistry treatments in Plantation, FL

Laser Dentistry Treatments

Dr. Dham provides comfortable treatment using dental lasers. They eliminate the need for anesthetic with their ability to reach areas with extreme precision while avoiding nerves. Learn about the variety of ways that the Fotona laser can treat cosmetic, restorative, and general dental problems.

Root Canals and Fillings: Dr. Dham can perform endodontics or root canal treatment with dental lasers without anesthetic. Dr. Dham uses a dental laser to clean out infected tissue from the root canal and prep the tooth for a dental filling during treatment. Dental fillings seal out possible decay and prevent infection from spreading. This removes the need for a drill and makes removing infected tissue pain-free.

Periodontal Treatment: Dental lasers can remove diseased gum tissue and clean areas around infected teeth or gums. Laser dentistry offers a faster recovery from these gum procedures because they do not result in excessive bleeding or pain. Patients feel more comfortable receiving gum treatment from lasers than other dental tools, as lasers are far less invasive than other dental cleaning tools.

Teeth Whitening: Laser teeth whitening is a simple and effective way to brighten your tooth enamel by multiple shades. Dental lasers can bleach teeth in-office and provide results after just one appointment. The results are long-lasting. However, we can touch them up again if the results fade. Also, the treatment is quick and has no serious side effects.

Lesion Removal: Dental lasers can remove herpes lesions and other painful sores inside the mouth. During treatment, the laser cuts with minimal bleeding or pain. Using a laser to remove an oral lesion is far less invasive than traditional methods. The healing time after is also typically much shorter.

Frenectomy: using a dental laser, Dr. Dham can remove “frena” tissue that is causing a tongue tie or lip tie. The laser is gentle enough to use on small children to avoid issues with feeding and failure to thrive. Lasers allow frenectomies to be precise and less invasive than traditional frenectomy methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have further questions about how laser dentistry can improve your dental experience and aid in procedures? Continue reading to find answers to frequently-asked questions in our dental office.

Is laser dentistry painful?

Laser dentistry is known for being associated with little to no pain. Laser dentistry is non-invasive and allows for extreme precision, making it less painful than other traditional methods. Lasers allow dentists to target precisely while avoiding any areas containing nerves, making procedures far less painful. You may feel some heat, but it should not hurt.

Can laser dentistry damage teeth?

Laser dentistry does not damage teeth. However, it can cause slight damage to the surrounding gum tissue. Gum tissue damage is a potential side effect of laser dentistry, but our dentists are professionally trained to work with lasers, so the risk is very small. They are very skilled at using the laser precisely to avoid any areas that could be damaged.

What are the benefits of laser dentistry?

The benefits of laser dentistry include less pain, less post-surgical bleeding, increased precision, a faster recovery time, and no sedation. They also can eliminate the need for drills in invasive procedures. Laser dentistry is an area of dentistry that many are wary of. However, dental lasers have been researched and are shown to provide many benefits.

What are the most common types of lasers used in dentistry?

The most common lasers in laser dentistry include rbium, Nd:YAG, Diode, and CO2. Each type of laser is used for different procedures and has different associated effects. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the laser type used for your procedure, please ask any of our team members!

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