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Our focus is to provide high quality dental care to patients of all ages. At every visit, we give our patients 100% of our attention so we can fully understand their dental needs.

While family dentistry is at the heart of our practice, our highly experienced dentist, Dr. Dham, also has extensive training in cosmetic dentistry and restorative procedures. She demonstrates a passion for her work by providing you with excellent dental care in all aspects of dentistry.

Dr. Dham is a highly qualified dentist with years of dental school training and 10+ years of experience specializing in many advanced dental services. She is a fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry. She has participated in hundreds of hours of advanced education courses, expanding her practice and staying on the cutting edge of developing dental technology.

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Our excellent doctors of dental surgery DDS will diagnose and treat every kind of dental emergency you are facing in distress.

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General Dentistry in Plantation, FL | Best General Dentist Near Me

What is General Dentistry?

General dentistry provides the treatment procedures to protect your dental health. You need to maintain your oral health because it is directly linked to the overall health of your body. General dentistry contains a variety of procedures aimed at maintaining the optimal health of your natural teeth and gums.

The general dentistry services we provide include:

Dental Cleaning: Our excellent team of dental hygienists provides you with dental cleaning that will expertly clean your teeth and lower any risk of cavities, tooth erosion, and gum disease. After we are done with your cleaning, you will leave our office with a beautiful and confident new smile.

Dental Fillings: Dental fillings are commonly used to fix cavities. Cavities are caused by tooth decay, a very common issue we see in patients of all ages. Before we place the filling, we will numb the area. Then, we remove tooth decay and fill the cavity with composite resin. The procedure is virtually painless and takes about 30 minutes to an hour to complete.

Root Canal: Root canals may be needed for various reasons, including deep cavities, cracked teeth, or filling issues. Generally, it takes two appointments to complete your root canal therapy in our dentist’s office. With the use of dental sedation, the entire process can be pain-free and easy.

Tooth Extractions: If we cannot save your tooth, we will need to extract it to fix your smile and restore the function of your bite. We may also need to extract a tooth if you have crowding. Before extracting your tooth, we numb the area so the procedure is painless. Tooth extraction is often the best option to prevent crowding, infection, and future damage.

Importance of General Dentistry

Most people today don’t realize the true importance of finding a dentist for their dental and overall health. It can save you from future health concerns. Patients who visit the dentist at least twice a year are less likely to develop complex dental health concerns and enjoy the confidence of their charismatic, confident smile for a lifetime.

Some people who don’t care for their dental health face severe consequences like gum disease, heart disease, and dementia. It can lead to severe issues such as oral cancer, cardiovascular disease, respiratory issues, stroke, premature birth, cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s, and complications with diabetes. Surprisingly, did you know that if you let gum disease go for a long time, it can spread to your family members?

If you are facing any kind of dental health concerns, visit our general dentist NOW and save you and your family’s overall health. We offer you a full range of personalized dental services for your unique needs. Our dental care team works to provide comprehensive and affordable dental services all under one roof.

How Much Does It Cost?

We understand that dental procedures can, in some cases, be expensive. That is why we offer multiple affordable financing options. We also seek maximum reimbursement for your treatment cost from your dental insurance company.

We are always willing to go the extra mile for you, your family, and your smile to ensure you get the best dental treatment possible. Our excellent family dentist will provide you and your family with exceptional dental care, ensuring your complete comfort.

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