What to Expect From All On Four

Dental implants are the top choice to replace your missing teeth. But it can be costly to get an implant for each individual tooth you need to have replaced. Dr. Uttma Dham of Westside Dental Center explains the Plantation, FL All On Four procedure.all on four implants in plantation, florida

What is All On Four?

All On Four is used to replace a full arch or set of missing teeth. With this procedure, you can get your teeth replaced in one day! It combines the stability of dental implants with the convenience of a denture. The fixed denture is placed on as little as four implants to give you a full arch of teeth at a price you can afford.

The Benefits of All On Four

Usually, the replacement option for a full arch of teeth is a removable denture. But you don’t get the benefits of dental implants with a removable restoration. Dental implants prevent your jawbone from continuing to deteriorate due to tooth loss. Removable dentures require adhesive to stay in and will need to be replaced or readjusted with time due to jawbone deterioration.

We like to say All On Four gives you the best features of both dental implants and removable dentures. Dentures are typically cheaper than implants. Having only a few implants for a full arch of teeth makes it an affordable option for many. You get a secure restoration that’s cheaper than a full mouth of dental implants.

The All On Four Process

Before moving forward with this process, Dr. Dham will do a full examination and discussion with you. She’ll ask about your oral health and medical history, as well as your cosmetic and functional goals. Digital x-rays and 3-D imaging use technology to get a full picture of everything that’s happening in your oral tissues.

Dental implants require a certain amount of healthy bone tissue to be successful. Dr. Dham will be able to determine the ideal location for your dental implants. This information is also helpful to figure out if four implants will be sufficient for your case, or if more will need to be added. Sometimes, bone grafts or other procedures may need to be performed to make you eligible for dental implants.

If you have broken or decayed teeth that need to be removed, this will be done on the day of your implant placement surgery. We’ll make sure your mouth is properly prepared. The implants will be placed and you’ll have a temporary denture to allow the mouth to heal. When the gums and soft tissue are healed, impressions will be taken and a final one will be fitted and placed.

When the All On Four process is complete, you’ll have a permanent, low-maintenance smile. Unlike removable solutions, no extra maintenance is required with All On Four. Simply brush your teeth, floss, and visit the dentist regularly to keep your smile perfect!

Getting All On Four in Plantation, Florida

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