Introducing Laser Dentistry

At Westside Dental Center, we want to make sure we’re keeping up with the latest in dental technology. Dr. Uttma Dham and the rest of the team are proud to announce we now offer laser dentistry in Plantation, FL. Learn more about the Fotona LightWalker laser and the benefits of laser dentistry.laser dentistry in plantation, florida

What Can the Fotona Laser Treat?

As a dental practice that also provides services for facial aesthetics, we wanted to make sure we had a laser that could do it all. This laser line offers treatment options for both hard and soft tissues, ensuring we can cover a wide range of treatment options.

The hard tissue laser can help provide a less-invasive solution for things like cavities and tooth decay. It can also be used for dental implant placement, root canals, and various oral surgery applications.

The soft tissue takes care of treatment options involving your gums and soft tissue in the mouth. Gum contouring and gum disease treatment are two of the most common uses for the soft tissue laser. It can also help to take care of sleep apnea problems, as this is caused by soft tissue collapsing in the back of your mouth.

This laser comes with different attachments to be used for cosmetic purposes as well. Laser teeth whitening is a gentle option to help you get a whiter smile. For facial esthetics, we can use this for things like wrinkle reduction and reducing the appearance of acne scars and sunspots.

The Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry has become one of the best developments in dental technology. It makes many procedures easier to do and more comfortable for both the patient and the dentist. Using a laser allows dental procedures to be less invasive. This can help patients with dental anxiety, as the sound of drills and other tools can be a trigger for their dental fear.

Since a laser is being used, you don’t have to worry about sutures to close wounds or long downtime after your procedure. The laser helps to cauterize the wounds as it goes, leading to less bleeding and faster healing afterward. You’ll be able to use the full capabilities of your mouth again faster than with traditional surgical options.

Lasers help reduce the risk of infection as well. This is especially important when you’re dealing with things like gum disease. Gum disease often involves pockets in the gums that are filled with bacteria and other things that can cause infection and inflammation. We want to make sure we’re treating it while giving you the lowest risk possible.

With laser dentistry, you have the ideal treatment tool for a root canal. It’s the highest level of disinfection that’s able to be provided for a root canal. The laser disinfects the root canal as the procedure is being performed.

The laser allows cosmetic treatments to be less invasive, too. Teeth whitening with a laser can avoid the possibility of sensitivity that can come with traditional whitening treatments. It’s also ideal for facial esthetics. Many esthetic treatments involve needles or other invasive methods. Laser treatment allows you to avoid all of that.

Laser Dentistry in Plantation, Florida

Allow yourself to experience one of the best advancements in dental technology. Call us or schedule an appointment online!