Do I Need a Dentist Appointment?

Some individuals avoid their dentist and only make an appointment if they experience severe tooth pain or another dental emergency. Regular dental exams and cleanings can keep your mouth healthy and prevent this type of dental damage.

Though we take care of our teeth and gums through oral hygiene at home, we still require dental care from a professional for optimal oral health. Dr. Uttma Dham, a dentist practicing in Plantation, FL, emphasizes the important role that routine dental appointments play in your smile’s wellbeing.

dental cleaning appointments in Plantation Florida

Why Should I Visit My Dentist Regularly?

During a routine dentist appointment, your dental professional will clean your teeth and gums thoroughly. At home, we practice oral hygiene, including brushing and flossing our teeth, in order to remove plaque build-up.

Your dentist clears away plaque and tartar from spots in your mouth that may have been missed with your typical oral hygiene regimen. This prevents major dental damage, including tooth decay and gum disease.

The dentist will also evaluate your oral health during these routine visits. They can find early signs of periodontal disease or other concerns and develop a treatment plan to resolve the issue before it causes irreversible damage.

How Often Should I Schedule Dental Cleanings?

Dentists recommend scheduling routine dentist appointments every six months. This ensures that your teeth and gums remain clean and that early signs of dental issues can be diagnosed and treated promptly.

Some patients may require more frequent dental cleanings. Senior patients, those with a higher propensity for forming tartar, and individuals with underlying medical conditions might need to see their dentist three or four times each year.

When Should I Call for an Emergency Appointment?

Accidents can happen, and you may sustain an acute or chronic dental problem in between your routine dentist appointments. You may call your dentist for an evaluation of any concerns before your next scheduled visit if needed. If you experience an injury, such as a broken tooth, you can schedule an emergency appointment with your dentist for prompt treatment.

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