Oral Health Benefits with Mouthwash

To keep our smiles clean and healthy, we floss every day, brush our teeth twice daily, and visit our dentists for regular cleanings and exams. But there is more you can do to take care of your smile.

Rinsing with mouthwash can help you maintain the structure and appearance of your teeth and gums. Dr. Uttma Dham, a dentist practicing in Plantation, FL, describes three oral health advantages you will notice if you add mouthwash to your routine.

rinse with mouthwash in Plantation Florida

Boost Your Oral Hygiene Regimen

Natural bacteria and food particles create a film of plaque over your teeth throughout your day. So you practice oral hygiene to remove this build-up before it can cause damage to your smile.

However, you consume substances that contribute to plaque formation between your tooth-brushing routines, making your smile vulnerable to tooth decay, gum disease, and other dental problems. Rinsing with mouthwash, especially after a meal, can give your oral hygiene regimen a boost and leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean.

Strengthen Your Tooth Enamel

The surface of your teeth is called enamel, and its durability protects the structure and appearance of your smile. However, enamel can weaken over time, and once it is gone, tooth enamel cannot regrow on its own.

Choosing a mouthwash that contains fluoride can strengthen tooth enamel. This allows your teeth to better resist dental issues, including cavities, so you can spend less time in the dental chair for restorative treatments.

Prevent Periodontal Concerns

Bacteria can spread and infect your gums if you do not take of your smile. Once you develop gum disease, you must receive treatment from a dental professional to treat the issue. Over time, periodontal disease can cause severe, irreversible damage to your smile, including tooth loss.

Dentists recommend preventative care when it comes to preserving your gum health. Rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash can balance bacteria in your mouth and lower your risk of contracting gum disease. It can alleviate symptoms like swollen, sore, or bleeding gums.

Learn More Oral Health Tips from Your Plantation, FL Dentist

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