Advanced Implant Dentistry Expertise in Plantation, FL

Dr. Uttma Dham, a highly qualified dentist practicing with Westside Dental Center in Plantation, FL, recently completed an advanced implant dentistry course in St. Petersburg. The continuum consisted of workshops, lectures, and hands-on training regarding each step of the dental implant process.

Dental implants are a permanent, effective tooth replacement solution. They can restore oral function and appearance as well as prevent further oral health deterioration after tooth loss. In this month’s blog, Dr. Dham emphasizes her commitment to continued training and skill advancement in implant dentistry.

Advanced Implant Dentistry Expertise in Plantation, FL

Dedication to Continued Dental Implant Education

Dr. Dham is an experienced dental professional with expertise in general dentistry and specialties in cosmetic dental treatments. Though already skilled in implant dentistry, Dr. Dham is committed to expanding her knowledge of methodologies in this field by attending training courses.

The comprehensive implant dentistry continuum with Implant Educators Academy illustrated new and enhanced surgical techniques related to bone grafting, placement, and restoration of dental implants. This course reviewed fundamental elements of implant dentistry treatment. It also provided dentists with the means to continue to adapt to developing advancements in this specialty.

Dr. Dham has participated in this continuum before and relishes the chance to fine-tune her abilities with this practical, hands-on training module. She has connected with mentors through her participation in this course, learning from the best and establishing relationships that will enhance her skills in multiple specialties. She looks forward to additional educational opportunities that can further hone her techniques. This will improve the services she can provide for her patients.

Enhanced Patient Experience with Advanced Methodology

By taking advanced implant dentistry courses, Dr. Dham demonstrates her commitment to enhancing the dental experience offered to her patients. Learning new skills and honing her surgical techniques allow her to provide optimal care to eligible dental implant patients.

Dental implants utilize a multi-step process, and increased proficiency on behalf of the dental professional allows for a more efficient experience for the patients. They can expect detailed and personalized treatment planning, precise oral surgery with state-of-the-art equipment and methods, and swift, simplified aftercare and recovery.

With enhanced competency from continuous education, your dentist can help you determine and pursue the best type of dental implant for your unique dental scenario. They can also find the ideal methodology to accomplish your smile goals. You can learn more about the optimal care you will receive if you seek tooth replacement and restoration with implant dentistry when you schedule a consultation appointment with your dentist.

Find Expert Dental Implant Solutions in Plantation, FL

Westside Dental Center provides dental implants and other tooth replacement solutions to patients in Plantation, FL. Dr. Dham also specializes in restorative, cosmetic, and general dentistry, including laser dentistry treatments. If you feel nervous about pending dental procedures, ask your dental professional about sedation dentistry options. To schedule an appointment with our practice, contact our office by phone at 954.251.0640 or reach a member of our staff online.