Why Straighten Crooked Teeth?

Your teeth can become crooked for a number of reasons, including poor oral habits, underlying dental issues, and genetics. If you notice your teeth have gaps, overlap, or appear misaligned, you might feel unhappy about the way that your teeth look.

But crooked teeth can put your oral health at risk too. You can improve many factors of your smile if you use Invisalign or another cosmetic dental treatment to align your teeth. Read on to find three benefits you can experience when you straighten crooked teeth with your dentist.

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Why Seek Teeth Straightening Treatment from Your Dentist

Simplify Your Oral Hygiene Routine

When you have gaps between your teeth, food can more easily become trapped in your smile. If food particles remain on your smile, they can contribute to plaque formation, which can heighten your risk of cavities and other dental dangers.

This same risk occurs in patients with teeth that overlap one another. It is difficult to access the entire surface of your teeth when you brush and floss in this scenario. Therefore, plaque can linger and hurt your smile.

If you straighten your teeth, you can clean your teeth with greater ease. You can feel confident when you complete your oral hygiene regimen after this treatment. And you can ultimately spend less time in your dentist’s chair with emergencies because you can practice better preventative dental care at home.

Avoid Wear and Tear on Your Smile

If you have misaligned teeth, you might not be able to close your mouth properly. This can mean that when you chew or bite items, you exhibit more pressure on certain parts of your mouth than normal.

Your teeth cannot withstand high levels of pressure, so you could be at risk of cracking or chipping your teeth. Similarly, you could dislodge or break prior dental work like a crown or filling. A dental injury like this will likely require emergency dental treatment.

You can prevent this dental damage by addressing the cause of bite problems. Aligning crooked teeth can redistribute the pressure of your bite evenly and keep your teeth and dental fixtures safe from excess wear and tear.

Boost Your Self-Esteem

Crooked teeth or gaps between teeth may detract from the appearance of your smile. You may worry that dissatisfaction with the way that your smile looks seems shallow. But your confidence in your appearance can carry over into other aspects of your life.

When you straighten your teeth with cosmetic treatments from your dentist, you can feel a boost of self-esteem that can in turn improve your professional and personal life. Patients can feel even more certain about their smile’s appearance with Invisalign. The clear-colored plastic aligners will not be visible over the teeth to a casual observer.

These patients will not have to worry about a disruption in their smiles as they undergo treatment, unlike with the metal wires and brackets of braces. Ask your dentist how Invisalign can enhance your unique smile and boost your oral health.

To celebrate National Align Your Teeth Day, Westside Dental Center will hold a one-day-only special event at their office on August 10. Call our staff to take part in raffles, food, and other fun activities.