Dental Check-Ups: Step by Step

Did you know that you should schedule routine check-ups at your dentist’s office at least twice a year? Because your smile requires regular maintenance to look and feel its best.

During your visit, Dr. Dham and her team will provide comprehensive preventive oral healthcare. You can schedule your next check-up appointment by reaching Dr. Uttma Dham at Westside Dental Center online or by phone at 954.251.0640.

If you feel nervous about visiting your dentist, you may feel more at ease when you better understand what will occur during the appointment. Read on to learn each step you can expect when you attend a routine dental check-up.

Dental Check-Ups Step by Step

Professional Teeth Cleaning

During a routine dental appointment, your dental hygienist will complete a thorough cleaning of your teeth. Even if you practice diligent oral hygiene at home, your toothbrush and floss can miss some tricky spots in your mouth. This will mean that plaque can linger on your teeth and harden into tartar.

Your hygienist will use a scaler to scrape plaque and tartar build-up from your smile. Calcified tartar contains bacteria that cannot be removed via toothbrush alone. In order to protect your teeth, your dental team will need to use professional tools to remove this hard residue and build-up.

The hygienist will also polish your teeth with a special brush and toothpaste after this scaling treatment. They will complete the in-office dental cleaning by flossing between your teeth.

Oral Examination

During your dental cleaning, your dentist or the hygienist will also perform a thorough examination of your teeth and gums. They will look at your teeth and gums to identify signs of cavities, gum disease, and other potential dental concerns.

Though a dentist can learn a lot from a visual exam, they will also recommend that patients receive dental x-rays once a year. These scans can reveal issues in the tooth’s interior that a dentist cannot see with the naked eye. They help dentists diagnose hidden tooth decay and monitor tooth positioning as well.

Dental x-rays are perfectly safe for patients of all ages, but you can speak to your dentist if you want to know more about the importance of this routine imaging. Dental check-ups make for great opportunities to discuss any questions or concerns with your dentist too.

Preventive Dental Treatments

Your dentist can provide you with targeted preventive dental treatments during a check-up. Many dentists recommend fluoride treatments, for instance, for patients of all ages.

This procedure involves applying a layer of concentrated fluoride, a natural mineral that absorbs into the teeth to strengthen them, to the smile. With strong teeth thanks to fluoride, you can see a lower risk of cavities, surface stains, and other problems.

Dentists can also give patients dental sealants during a check-up appointment. They apply a coating of layer over the teeth to create an additional barrier of protection against dental erosion and other dangers.

Learn more about the preventive care that can help your smile when you reach out to Dr. Uttma Dham, a dentist with over 20 years of experience in Plantation, FL, today. Call our Westside Dental Center front office staff at 954.251.0640.