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Root CanalAn Overview

Root canals are a dental procedure used to restore a tooth affected by an infection of the root canal. Typically, root canal infections are caused by advanced tooth decay that has spread into the canal. Root canals are a routine dental procedure that can prevent the need for a tooth extraction, helping to preserve the natural smile.

Left untreated tooth decay can spread and cause infection in the root canal. Root canal infections are typically very painful due to inflamed infected tissue. Patients experience swelling, tenderness, and may find it difficult to eat. The root canal procedure commonly relieves the painful symptoms associated with the infection.

Root canals are a more conservative alternative to tooth extraction. Whenever possible, Dr. Dham will attempt to preserve as much of a natural tooth as possible for a more stable and lasting bite. We offer a dental implant procedure to replace teeth that are beyond conservative treatments. Always consult a dental professional before determining if a tooth extraction is needed.

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A pleasure being a Westside Dental Patient!! Dr. Dham is super friendly, knowledgeable....a DREAM!!! Staff extremely friendly.Gene S.
If you live in the Miami/Ft Lauderdale area, Dr. Uttama Dham is the best dentist in the region. Professional, Pleasant and Patient Focussed.Prashant Y.
I had a great experience at this dental office. The place was clean, the environment was friendly, and the staff answered all of my questions in a very helpful way. I got a great cleaning too. I love how smooth my teeth feel after I have them cleaned!Jamie L.
The staff and Dr. Dham are very friendly. The office is always very clean and welcoming. I have a slight fear of the dentists. Yet, I've had all of my wisdom teeth extracted in the past. Today I had a root canal. Although this procedure is quite scary (at least…Emilia C.

Root Canal What to Expect

Root canals are typically completed in just one visit to our Plantation, FL dentist office. Most patients can receive the procedure with only the use of a local anesthetic. For patients with dental anxiety, Dr. Dham will discuss sedation dentistry options before treatment.

Dr. Dham makes a small hole in the back of the infected tooth. Through that hole, a small instrument is inserted into the root canal. Dr. Dham scrapes the diseased tissue from the root canal and then thoroughly cleans the area to prepare for a dental filling.

Most patients who receive a root canal will be fitted with a custom dental crown. A crown is designed to look and function like a natural tooth for a beautiful, seamless result. The dental crown fits over the tooth and helps to secure the structure.