How Will Dental Crowns Help My Smile?

Has your dentist recommended restoration of your tooth with treatment from a dental crown? This ceramic cap covers a tooth and is cemented into place for long-term structural, functional, and aesthetic benefits.

You may feel nervous about undergoing a dental procedure, but learning about the advantages of this treatment can help you feel at ease in the dentist’s chair. Dr. Uttma Dham, a dentist located in Plantation, FL, lists five ways that dental crowns can improve your oral health.

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5 Benefits from Dental Crowns

Replace Weakened Tooth Enamel

The outer layer of a tooth that shields sensitive and vulnerable dentin and pulp is called enamel. Though this part of your tooth is durable and experiences wear and tear regularly, it may erode over time, leaving you with painful tooth sensitivity.

Enamel cannot regrow on its own, but your dentist may replace weakened enamel by covering exposed dentin with a dental crown. The treatment will alleviate sensitivity pain by blocking external stimuli.

Treat Advanced Tooth Decay

Dentists can treat cavities by drilling away the damaged portion of the tooth and repairing the resulting hole with a dental filling. However, if too much of the tooth has deteriorated due to decay, it may require a stronger restorative solution. A dental crown can seal and protect a tooth effectively following treatment for advanced tooth decay.

Repair Tooth Breakage

Your teeth are resilient, but immense pressure could cause a tooth to chip, crack, or fracture, leaving it vulnerable to further oral health concerns like infections. Minor breakage can be amended with cosmetic dental solutions, but severe damage might need a crown to treat. This will boost the look of the tooth while also restoring its structure.

Brighten Severely Discolored Tooth

If you notice stains, yellowing, or dullness in your smile, your dentist can help you come up with a cosmetic treatment plan to brighten your teeth’s color. However, a dental crown can whiten a tooth as well.

A dentist constructs a crown on an individual basis for each patient, ensuring it looks natural and beautiful in the patient’s smile. The crown can cover severe discoloration and help a patient reach their smile aesthetic goals.

Support Other Dental Work

Dental crowns are an effective restorative treatment on their own, but they can play a crucial role in other dental solutions as well. They can serve as prosthetics for patients receiving a dental implant tooth replacement. A crown can also preserve a tooth after receiving root canal therapy.

Dental Crowns and More Restorative Solutions in Plantation, FL

Westside Dental Center offers dental crowns and other restorative dental treatments to patients in Plantation, FL. Dr. Dham also specializes in implant, cosmetic, and general dentistry, including laser dental solutions. If you feel nervous about upcoming dental work, ask your dental professional about sedation dentistry options. To schedule a consultation or appointment with our practice, contact our staff by phone at 954.251.0640 or reach our office online.