Will Teeth Whitening Work on My Smile?

Many people strive to keep their smile a gorgeous, pearly white color. Your dentist can brighten your smile to achieve your ideal tooth color once again with cosmetic dental solutions. They can use targeted whitening treatment that will give you the white smile of your dreams.

This treatment is designed to remove certain types of tooth stains, and you should schedule a dental consultation. Read on to learn more about the smile enhancement you can experience with professional teeth whitening from your dentist.

How Does Professional Teeth Whitening Work?

Your dentist can whiten your teeth in their office or with a kit that you can take home.

The in-office option involves a dental professional applying a bleaching gel to the teeth with precise methods. This ensures an even finish that will not aggravate the gums.

The dental professional then uses a concentrated light to activate the bleaching agents in the gel which will penetrate the tooth enamel, the outer layer of the tooth. The ingredients will then lift stains within the enamel to the surface, where a dentist can easily wash them away. This leaves you with a brighter smile you can feel proud of.

The other option is the take-home whitening kit that uses custom-fitting trays filled with this bleaching gel. You wear them as directed over your teeth for a gradual brightening process.

Which Dental Stains Can Teeth Whitening Treat?

Your teeth can develop several types of dental discoloration that stem from a variety of sources. Everyday surface stains can be removed when you brush your teeth. But you can form deeper stains within your enamel that your toothbrush cannot reach.

Extrinsic stains occur just below the surface and often form due to consuming foods and beverages that contain staining agents. Examples include red wine, coffee, tea, and tobacco products. Professional teeth whitening treatment will lift and remove these types of dental stains.

Studies show that patients with whiter teeth smile more often, and often feel happier. A whiter, brighter smile can take years off of your appearance and leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Patients also report an increase in confidence after having their teeth whitened.

Cosmetic dentist Dr. Dham offers teeth whitening options for patients looking to improve the appearance of their smile. Whether you are looking for instant results, or want to gradually brighten your teeth, Westside Dental Center can help you achieve your cosmetic goals. Find individualized smile enhancement treatment planning when you call our office at 954.251.0640 or reach a member of our staff online.

Professional teeth whitening options provide more precise and even results when compared to over-the-counter options. Professional-grade whitening gels are specially formulated to reduce the most common side effect of teeth whitening: tooth and gum sensitivity. In just one visit to our office, patients can revamp the appearance of their smile, leaving with increased confidence and brighter teeth.